Fitness machines and nutrition

Can you be healthy without exercise?
If you’re like me, you hate to workout. I think of every excuse not to move more than necessary but, as the clock ticks forward urgent thoughts flash in my head. I realize that I can’t get away from it. Exercise and good nutrition are both important factor for good health.

Fitness Machines verses Open Air Exercise?
The thought of running through the neighborhood and waving at folks as I improve my cardiovacular system sounds idealistic but in realilty is not so romantic. Weather, traffic and dogs can make this an unpleasant experience. I came to the realization that if I was going to be successful with a fitness routine, I need a controlled atmosphere. A trainer can work to help you target problem areas and provide training on how to use the equipment correctly. However, all the training in the world is not going to help if your eating habits are not in line with your fitness goals.

Proper Nutrition
There is a lot of informaton out there on proper nutrition. Some of it contradicts itself so you have to be your own advocate. It’s vitally important to do your own research. Let your body be your guide. When your body is not getting the proper nutrition, it speaks to you. You have to be atuned to listening to the body’s signals. Are you backup? How would you know? Do you a thick middle? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you experience leg cramps? The list of your body trying to commmunicate with you can be endless.

Getting Back to Basics
Going back to the Garden of Eden. Think of what Adam and Eve were provided as food. Organic vegetables and fruits. Things along that sort. We are used to eating fast food, which really should be called ‘fast stuff’. Because usually, no real food is used in the making of these products. Our bodies hate fast food. It’s a poison. When your body is poisoned it goes into protective mode. It surrounds the invading enemy and attempts to remove it from the body. The only problem with this process is the body uses vital nutritents to wall off the poisons, so your body is being leeched of all the minerals, vitamins and healthy nutrients. So fast food is not just junk food it’s worst than just eating something with no nutritional effect. When you consume raw vegetable, fruits and nuts, etc. You are feeding your body. You are building it up.

True Proper Nutrition
Each person has a set of postives and negetives. So for example, some people are greatly lacking vitamin D, while others are fine in that are but may be lacking vitamin C. There are test that can detail the postives and negetives of your particular body. Determine the nutrition you are lacking and the amount needed to create a balance is proper nutrition for you.