Gym Design

Home Gym – Ideas and Inspiration

Actually they had planned to train in the gym after work, but then something important came up – the after-work beer with the colleagues, for example, the favourite TV series or simply the comfortable couch. Does this scenario look familiar to you? You are not alone: During the week it is far too often the good intention to do sports. It looks completely different for people with their own home gym, because with a fitness room at home it is much easier for many to defeat their inner hog. And best of all, you don’t even need expensive equipment or a large extra room. Have you become curious? We have brought you some tips and ideas on the subject of home gym.

Not everyone has space for a complete fitness room in their house or apartment. No problem, many modern fitness machines are designed to be so stylish and visually appealing that they can be easily integrated into the furnishings and thus find room in the bedroom, living room or office. The Technogym Recline Personal, for example, with its appealing high-gloss surface and chic design, can be easily integrated into any room and, at the same time, provides optimum training conditions at the highest high-tech level.

The equipment

When equipping your own fitness room, the basic rule is: less is more. You don’t have to buy a lot of expensive equipment. For example, a few dumbbells, a gym mat and an endurance device like a crosstrainer are enough to guarantee a balanced and effective workout. With it you can train all muscle groups as well as endurance. We also recommend a large mirror in which you can check whether you really do all the movements correctly. In addition, a mirror makes the room look larger and brighter.

A question of style

Of course, it is up to you in which style you set up your home gym. For some time now, retro-style fitness rooms and studios have been very popular. For example, our experts from MEA Studio have turned a former workshop in a Düsseldorf backyard into a new studio for a sports coach and personal trainer, cleverly combining new technology with nostalgic details. This gave the training room a very special charm. With old punching bags, gym boxes, balls, mats, wall bars and the like, you can easily get the trendy vintage look home.

The right floor

Whether in the gym or in the home gym – the right floor covering is an important factor in planning and furnishing. An ideal solution is, for example, the elastic floor covering from WARCO, which offers maximum comfort and safety. The rubber granulate panels can be easily installed and cleaned in any room. They dampen vibrations, sound and falling bodies (of all kinds).

The right lighting

The right light also plays a decisive role in the home gym. Large windows not only offer the advantage that a lot of daylight can enter the fitness room, but also enable effective ventilation. It is also advisable to install additional ceiling floods to reduce the risk of accidents.