Frequent injuries in the gym and how to prevent them

Gym Injuries

Regular exercise strengthens your health. Nevertheless, injuries can occur in the gym in particular if the exercises are carried out improperly, if the loads are too high or if the training speed is too high. Most of them can be avoided.

Sports injuries are particularly common when visiting the gym. Especially newcomers to sport are affected by them. They often overestimate their own limits and want to prove something to themselves and others. However, overloading can result in serious injuries. Sometimes it takes them a long time to heal.

It is better to perform the training under moderate load and to execute the movement sequences as ergonomically as possible. No beginner should do without the technical guidance of a trainer.

Tips for preventing injuries

Targeted warming up stretches the muscles and prepares the circulation for training. This phase should last at least 10 minutes. Cardiotraining is most effective. Only then it goes to the devices, a careful briefing by the trainer is obligatory.

It is not uncommon for faulty movements to lead to misuse and overloading, which can lead to damage to muscles and joints.

The first training set is always practiced with a low weight load, it optimizes the execution of the following sets. In the initial phase it even proves itself to train only with your own body weight and the dumbbell bar. It doesn’t matter to be the strongest.

A more gentle strength training achieves a much more even and reliable increase in strength than training with too high a weight load.

The movements themselves should never be jerky, but always harmonious and rather slow. This gives the muscles a more intensive training stimulus. In addition, any pain that may occur is detected in good time. The exercise must then be stopped immediately.

It is worthwhile to draw up a training plan. With it, the individual load limit can be better understood. It also ensures that different exercises are performed with each workout, which place a constant strain on the body on all sides.

A good training plan includes not only training times, but also sufficient regeneration times. They are important for the body to recover. Without them, effective muscle building is not possible and the immune system also needs corresponding rest phases.

Typical sports injuries

However, despite the best preparation, injuries can occur in the gym. One of the most common, especially among beginners, is sore muscles. These are minimal tears in the muscle fibres, which can only be partially prevented by intensive warm-up training.

It is important to allow the body enough time to heal these injuries and to start the next workout with less stress, which is only slowly increased.

Strains can occur during almost all exercises in the gym. Warming up before training and stretching the muscles after training can largely avoid this. In addition, a harmonious movement sequence ensures that imbalances are avoided. It therefore depends on the correct execution of the exercises.

Bruises and compressions often occur during cardio training. They usually happen out of carelessness. Sportsmen and sportswomen with pre-existing health problems at tendons and joints are particularly affected.

Prevention is only possible through careful training. However, if this type of injury should occur, only the immediate end of training, elevation of the affected limbs and cooling will help. There are also some products that can relieve some of the pain. A Romanian Bodybuilder suggested me this cream against severe Pain injuries.